The Benefits Associated with the Use of a Covered Call Screener

Investing in the equity market is not a walk in the park. Even the most experienced traders are susceptible to huge losses when the investment strategies they implement blow up in their faces. The volatile prices of stocks in the stock market can bring a stockholder success one day and terrible losses the next trading day. Traders create covered call options since they want to ensure their portfolios are not affected by decreases in stock prices. By entering a covered call contract, a trader earns a premium by selling his stock for a strike price and the trader still has a chance to keep the stock if the price of the stock drops further than the strike price after an agreed date lapses.

Thousands of stock traders enter into this type of agreement, which makes covered calls a very lucrative investment strategy with less risks. However, the sheer number of stocks that are entered into covered contracts makes it quite impossible to track down every stock in the equity markets. Traders who are shopping for stocks that are up for covered contracts will find it difficult to find stocks that are suited to their investment strategies – unless they use a call screener.

With a call screener, traders can easily sort through the covered stocks up for grabs in the market. They can filter data according to US equity symbols and sort information according to categories like weekly and monthly. They can also calculate how much their profits would be if the covered stock stays the same in price or if the price goes up. Similarly, users of call screeners can filter data by market capitalization, moneyness, and even upcoming earnings reports, which they can refer to when increasing their protection against falling stock prices.

Call screeners are premium products offered by websites like Barchart. These tools require users to subscribe and pay minimal monthly fees in order to enjoy the benefits and privileges offered by the screener. Considering that an investor’s earnings potential is at stake, subscribing to a call screener is certainly worth the money. There are several covered call screeners available on the Internet, such as the Barchartcovered call screener. Aside from the aforementioned features of the screener, Barchart’s screener allows users to search for calls on the top traded stocks in the market. Users can also write covered call options with this service.  Interested subscribers should visit for more information.

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