Write and Find Covered Calls with a Premium Screener

The volatility of stock prices has prompted many stockholders to look for ways to protect themselves against drastic changes in stock prices. The best protection available involves covered calls. This investment strategy is typically utilized by an investor that wants to protect himself from a decrease in the price of a stock in the future while earning additional income. The investor will then enter into a covered call contract. More and more stockholders, as well as equity option traders, are opting for this strategy because of its intrinsic benefits. It has also prompted many investors to find covered stocks to add to their portfolios. Using a call screener, a stockholder or trader can find the best call depending on their investment strategy

Due to the volume of stocks available in call contracts, it was previously impossible for any investor to sort through all of the data. Luckily, call screeners are available for simplify the process. Barchart, a leading provider of market data and information, offers a call screener that is affordable and convenient. Barchart’s call screener enables users to find the best calls depending on their trading style and then choose contracts that are ideal for their portfolios. With this tool, they can conveniently sell or buy call options while enhancing their profitability in the process.

The Barchart call screener includes key features like a search function that enables its users to find calls for a particular equity symbol, including monthly and weekly options. It also shows profitability calculations like returns if the price of the stock remains the same, protection against a drop in the price of stock, and yearly returns if the price remains flat. Users can filter the data by market capitalization and exchange, as well as by earnings reports. They can filter the calls by stocks that are earning the highest dividends, so they can take into consideration the dividend income when calculating the potential income of the call.

Users of the call screener won’t have to worry about the accuracy or reliability of the data provided by Barchart, which has more than eight decades experience providing up-to-date and relevant information about the financial markets. Barchart is trusted by millions of stock traders and investors around the world. Its call screener is just one of the many tools and programs available to members. Finding covered calls is much more convenient with the Barchart covered call screener. Sign up at barchart.com.

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