The Helpful Features of a Covered Call Screener

Investing in the financial markets can be very challenging even for veteran traders. Luckily, novice traders and investors who want to be successful in equities trading now have a better chance of doing so by subscribing to market data and information providers online. Financial websites provide highly useful information that can enable any trader to make better investing decisions. These websites not only keep track of prices of stocks and commodities but also provide useful premium services like covered call screeners. A covered calls service enables its subscribers to find the best options as defined by their trading strategy. This service can help them find contracts that are best suited to their portfolios.

Writing a call entails an investor agreeing to sell the rights of a stock he owns at a specific price, also called the strike price. At the end of the agreement, if the stock doesn’t hit the strike price, the investor gets to keep the premium he earned from selling the option and keeps the holdings. However, there are also other risks involved in this investment strategy. These risks can be properly managed with the help of premium screeners that allow users to search for calls according to their specific criteria.

With the help of the covered call screener of Barchart, traders now have an easier time finding information that will help them in their trading strategies. This service is a valuable tool for equity option traders. This screener has key features that include the ability to search for calls of a given equity symbol. This service also allows its users to calculate profitability by estimating values if the stock stays the same or prices go down. Users can also filter data by market capitalization and exchange or sort by moneyness. This data can also be filtered based on earnings reports so that they can hedge against sliding of prices and by stocks that may earn high dividends so they can add dividend income to their profits. Subscribers can also find calls on the technical lists of Barchart like top traded stocks, new highs and lows, volume leaders and stocks that have the highest opinion rankings amongst users. Covered calls information should increase the likelihood that a trader subscribing to will make wise investment decisions that will earn them extra income. Go to to subscribe today.

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The Positives and Pitfalls of Covered Call Writing

The urge to earn more money can motivate investors to opt for covered call writing. By writing a call option for shares of a stock he owns, an investor is able to earn extra money in exchange for the option of another trader to buy the stocks at a pre-agreed price (also called the strike price). The buyer can exercise the call option once the expiration date sets in. Buyers of covered calls usually find stocks that have call options by using a covered call screener. Usually, these buyers will exercise the call option if the value of the stock with a call option becomes higher than the strike price. There are pros and cons of call options that any investor should be aware of before proceeding with this trading opportunity.

The main advantage of writing a call option is that it provides extra income to any investor. Individuals with shares of stocks may feel that the prices of their stocks won’t increase significantly in the future. Instead of just keeping their stocks and earning nothing, investors write call options so that they can earn additional income. Aside from earning extra profits, investors still have the chance to retain their rights to their stocks. This happens when the call option buyer decides not to push through with the purchase of the stock because the stock value has remained flat or it has become lower than the strike price.

However, a call option can backfire on investors. After all, there is no certainty that the price of a stock will remain flat or below the strike price set by the call option writer. The call option writer is basically giving up on hope that the value of the stocks he holds will skyrocket in the future. When the stock prices increase on or before the expiration date of the call option, the call option writer stands to lose the shares of stocks as the call option buyer will naturally exercise the call option. Likewise, the call option writer will lose profits had he not wrote a call option on the shares of stocks he once owned.

Though a covered call option is generally thought of as a conservative investment strategy, it still has its risks as discussed above. Any investor who is thinking of writing a call option for shares of stocks he owns should carefully study his options before doing so. There are many traders who use a covered call screener to find stocks with call options and these traders make calculated risks in buying call options. Traders may increase their profits by working with a call screener, such as the one available at This screener is available for a trial period only at Barchart.

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The Various Strategies Involved in Covered Call Writing

A covered call is an investment strategy that many traders opt for in order to protect themselves against sudden changes in security prices. With this trading option, the person who holds a security, such as a stock, sells the rights to the security at a strike price set in the future in exchange for a premium. When the price of the security does not become lower than the strike price, the call writer not only gets to keep the premium but also the rights to the equity. Traders and investors who write covered calls often use a covered call screener to enable them to more easily find covered calls that are suited to their investment strategies.

Depending on their goals, there are different strategies that traders employ for covered calls.  There is the supplement return strategy wherein the call writer sells covered calls primarily for the extra profits they can derive from the premiums. The call writer believes and expects that the price of the security will continue to rise but not fall. The call writer expects that he or she will hold onto the security.

Another motivation for call writers to write calls is to protect their portfolio against losses. This strategy is often employed after a rise in the value of the security. By selling their securities through covered calls, traders can protect their portfolio against sudden and unforeseen decreases in prices of securities.

Traders who engage in covered calls also speculate about the prices of securities they are selling. Traders can double their income by selling covered calls successively. It is likely that traders can double their profits if they sell covered calls that have a 10% return in a month. These traders usually consult call screeners in order to find calls that have the highest returns.

Like any other investment strategy, covered calls have risks. Though it is considered to be a conservative strategy, calls can also make a trader or call writer lose money if the security price drops significantly. Calls for highly volatile securities are riskier compared to writing calls for securities with low volatility.

Writing a covered call can be a great option for traders who want to maximize their profits and spare their portfolios from losses brought about by sudden drops in the value of securities. Using a covered call screener makes it much easier for traders to find, buy, and write covered calls that are appropriate to their investment strategies. Sign up for a complimentary trial for Barchart’s screener at

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Write and Find Covered Calls with a Premium Screener

The volatility of stock prices has prompted many stockholders to look for ways to protect themselves against drastic changes in stock prices. The best protection available involves covered calls. This investment strategy is typically utilized by an investor that wants to protect himself from a decrease in the price of a stock in the future while earning additional income. The investor will then enter into a covered call contract. More and more stockholders, as well as equity option traders, are opting for this strategy because of its intrinsic benefits. It has also prompted many investors to find covered stocks to add to their portfolios. Using a call screener, a stockholder or trader can find the best call depending on their investment strategy

Due to the volume of stocks available in call contracts, it was previously impossible for any investor to sort through all of the data. Luckily, call screeners are available for simplify the process. Barchart, a leading provider of market data and information, offers a call screener that is affordable and convenient. Barchart’s call screener enables users to find the best calls depending on their trading style and then choose contracts that are ideal for their portfolios. With this tool, they can conveniently sell or buy call options while enhancing their profitability in the process.

The Barchart call screener includes key features like a search function that enables its users to find calls for a particular equity symbol, including monthly and weekly options. It also shows profitability calculations like returns if the price of the stock remains the same, protection against a drop in the price of stock, and yearly returns if the price remains flat. Users can filter the data by market capitalization and exchange, as well as by earnings reports. They can filter the calls by stocks that are earning the highest dividends, so they can take into consideration the dividend income when calculating the potential income of the call.

Users of the call screener won’t have to worry about the accuracy or reliability of the data provided by Barchart, which has more than eight decades experience providing up-to-date and relevant information about the financial markets. Barchart is trusted by millions of stock traders and investors around the world. Its call screener is just one of the many tools and programs available to members. Finding covered calls is much more convenient with the Barchart covered call screener. Sign up at

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What are the Advantages of Covered Call Writing?

Traders and stockholders have found different ways to maximize their earning potential while minimizing their risks. One of the more popular methods that traders utilize in the equity markets is covered call writing. Through covered calls, stockholders write a call option for a shares of stocks at an agreed price (also referred to as the strike price). The option buyer can exercise the option once the option date expires. Typically, option buyers do so when the price of the stock has become greater than the strike price.

Stockholders should have at least 100 shares of stocks to be able to write a call option.

In exchange for writing a call option, the call writer receives a premium. The beauty of this arrangement is that the call writer can keep the premium and the stock at the same time if the option buyer does not exercise the call option once the expiration date sets in. According to experts, selling stock options can earn a trader up to 60% or more a year. It is a normal practice for stockholders and traders to successively write call options on stocks, especially if they think that the value of the stocks will not increase significantly in the future.

Aside from the extra income that traders receive from call options, they are also protected against losses in case the value of the stocks they own dip in the future. By entering into a call option, a stockholder can at least earn extra profit just in case the value of the stocks he or she owns slides in the future.

For instance, a stockholder writes an option for shares of stock ABC at a strike price of $40 per share. The call option expires after two months, with the stockholder earning around $5 per share from the call option. However, the stocks of ABC slide down to $30 per share, which means that the stockholder loses income opportunity. The stockholder can still look at the brighter side since he was able to earn some money by entering into a call option agreement. Likewise, the stockholder retains possession of the stocks because the call buyer won’t proceed with the call option given that the value of the stock has decreased.

Covered calls are considered to be low risk investment strategies yet like all other investment moves, it still has its risks. Stockholders and traders must study their options first before writing a covered call.  A call screener can help investors with their strategies. Visit to learn more.

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